About Us

Thanks for your interest in Kinina Sports Wear.

My name is Karina. I was born in Venezuela. I'm restless dreamer and more than anything, a mother of two mischievous and wonderful young man who are my main motivation in life. 

When they were little, when they still did not know how to say “Karina”, they called me Kinina. This brand is a tribute to them. So now you can imagine how much it means to me.

Kinina Sports Wear is a athlesure brand for women of ALL AGES and ALL BODY TYPES who like designs with character and quality clothing. All our product are ONE SIZE, and as amazing as it sounds, its completely true.

Kinina Sports Wear was born in 2015 in Miami. The whole process, from its beginning (when the idea is born) to the end, (when it reaches the hands of a satisfied customer), is entirely supervised by me. 

Our production is carried out in Colombia, a country recognized worldwide for the quality of its textile production.

We thank each and every one of our clients. They give us the motivation to continue creating new collections.

We also have been present at numerous events in the sports world. Some of the local characters and others like the mythical Wodapalooza. 

Thanks for your amazing and fantastic support.